Stefanie Kremmel

Stefanie Kremmel was a Vienna based researcher for Exil:Trans. In her work at the Chair for Transcultural Communication at the Centre for Translation Studies and in the working group on translation history she has worked on translators' biographies before Exil:Trans also. She contributed to an exhibition with portraits of exiled translators that was developed with students under the direction of Larisa Schippel. The publication "Österreichische Übersetzer und Übersetzerinnen im Exil" (Austrian Translators in Exile), which contains 19 portraits, also came about in this context.

For Exil:Trans, Stefanie Kremmel has already worked on the translators of scientific texts in exile. She now concentrates on Latin America and Spain as places of exile as well as Austria and Vienna as stations of exile and starting points for the flight of people who were already active as translators before exile.

Research profile and publications