Biographical data

Biographical Database

The database contains the biographical research data of the project and thus the life data, translational profile and the exile paths of these translators.

The database is intended to continue to grow as a translation-historical resource and can therefore be expanded and used after the end of the project. The research data is publicly available and shall invite researchers to carry out more research on individual translators and their networks. The structure of the database and the recorded categories were developed by the Exil:Trans project team, the technical implementation was facilitated and accompanied by DHCraft.



Bibliographical data

Translations by translators in exile

Exil:Trans takes into account published translations of literary, scientific and pragmatic texts, most of which were published as independent works or in periodicals.

Approximately 2000 translations by exile translators are recorded in the Digital Library and Bibliography of Literature in Translation (DLBT). Thus, the bibliographic research results of the project are integrated into a digital infrastructure that is tailored to the needs of translation history and translation studies.

 You can directly search and access the Exil:Trans translation corpus here.


The German translator encyclopedia Germersheimer Übersetzerlexikon ( lists over 60 portraits of translators in exile under the key word Exil (NS-Zeit). The portraits that were created as part of the Exile:Trans project are provided with an accompanying prefatory note. Other biographies and portraits are directly integrated into the DLBT (Digital Library and Bibliography of Literature in Translation) and long-term archived via university repositories: List of Exil:Trans portraits.

Books and texts

The project has produced three book volumes that reunite the central research results by project maenbers and other resaerchers working on translation & exile. An English book (The History of Translation in Exile) is in preparation.

Translation und Exil (1933–1945) I. Namen und Orte. Recherchen zur Geschichte des Übersetzens.Hg. von Aleksey Tashinskiy, Julija Boguna und Tomasz Rozmyslowicz. Frank & Timme, 2022. [Link] Open Access ab Januar 2023

Translation und Exil (1933-1945) II. Netzwerke des Übersetzens. Hg. von Irene Weber Henking, Pino Dietiker und Marina Rougemont. Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2023.

Translation und Exil (1933–1945) III. Motive, Funktionen und Wirkungen. Hg. von Gerhard Budin, Larisa Schippel, Stefanie Kremmel und Julia Richter. Berlin: Frank & Timme, in Vorbereitung/2023.

Most of the contributions written by project members are included in the three volumes Translation und Exil I–III, but also in other publication venues. Full list of all papers and chapters.