Who were the translators in exile?

Exil:Trans research group has recorded over 400 names of people who were translators or who translated before, during and after being persecuted and fleeing into exile. They are all integrated into the biographical database.

In addition, shorter portraits and detailed biographies of individual translators have been created and compiled. They are available via the Germersheimer Übersetzerlexikon UELex and university repositories: Full list of portraits of translators in exile.

Further biographies and portraits of translators in exile:

Literature on the topic

  • Kelletat, Andreas F. 2015. Übersetzer im Exil (1933–1945). Erkundungen auf einem unbestellten Forschungsfeld. Moderne Sprachen 5: 125–147.
  • Schippel, Larisa. 2016. Für eine Kartographie des Übersetzens im Exil: Lucy von Jacobi. In Translation und „Drittes Reich“. Menschen - Entscheidungen - Folgen., Hrsg. Larisa Schippel, Julia Richter, und Dörte Andres, 19–34. Berlin: Frank & Timme.
  • The book "Österreichische Übersetzerinnen und Übersetzer im Exil" (Austrian Translators in Exile) was published in 2020 by with the publishing house new academic press in Vienna. It is edited by project members Larisa Schippel, Julia Richter and Stefanie Kremmel.

It brings together nineteen portraits that paint a diverse picture of Austrian translators in exile, their lives and escape routes. It showcases their successes and failures, of which all too little is known to the public. The publication was preceded by an exhibition at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna. The contributions were prepared by and with students of the Centre's master's programs.

The book includes portraits of: Stefan I. Klein, Lisbeth Gombrich, Gina Kaus, Alisa Stadler, Bertrand Alfred Egger, Herberth E. Herlitschka, Joseph Kalmer, Friedrich Torberg, Harry Zohn, Justinian Frisch, Jacob Hegner, Ernst Schönwiese, Fritz Brainin, Rose Ausländer, Gitta Deutsch, Trude Krakauer, Veza Canetti, Alfredo Bauer and Martin Buber.

More information on this German language publication can be found on the website of the book series.

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